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How to make the most of your 'me-time'

When it comes to looking after our physical and mental wellbeing, one aspect that's often overlooked is self-care. Self-care means taking time for yourself and participating in activities to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.

We all have busy and sometimes stressful lives. It can be easy to overlook the importance of your 'me time'. Many of us are guilty of not putting ourselves first, and perceiving self-care as an indulgence. That simply isn't true- your 'me time' is a necessity!

Given the current COVID situation, your self-care should be a higher priority than ever. It's a stressful time, and looking after yourself properly will help you cope. Perhaps one good thing to come out of lockdown is the awareness of self-care. It is now more widely accepted as an essential way of caring for ourselves.

Some of the many benefits of practising self-care include:

  • Better Sleep

  • Improved Mood

  • Reduced Stress

  • A Positive Outlook

  • Personal Improvement

  • Increased Immunity

  • Improved Physical Health

  • Increased Self-Esteem


Here are some ways to make the most out of your 'me time':

  • Read a book- Reading an enjoyable book can be the ultimate form of escapism. Don't pick anything too challenging. Your 'me time' should be something you look forward to.

  • Beauty Treatments- When you look good, you feel good! It hasn't been easy to keep up to beauty treatments during lockdown with the closure of salons. Take the time to treat yourself to a DIY treatment at home. You could try a manicure; a facial or even have fun experimenting with make-up! Looking for inspiration? Why not try our Tingle Self-Care Subscription Box. Tingle delivers a box of self-care treats to your door every month. It's the lockdown friendly way to sample an array of new products from the comfort of your own home! Make a date with yourself each month to try out our beauty, haircare, make-up and skincare goodies.

  • Meditate- Meditation has numerous benefits such as increased self-awareness, stress management and increased focus. Youtube is an excellent resource if you are new to meditation.

  • Take a bath- A warm bath is a perfect way to relax. Being emerged in warm water is said to replicate the feeling of being in the womb, which produces a calming effect.

  • Journal- Writing can be incredibly therapeutic. Ask yourself- What are you thankful for? What went really well today?

  • Create a Sanctuary- Create a relaxing environment for your 'me time'. Have you ever tried to relax in a messy room? Not easy it! Take the time to prepare a calming and clean space first. You may wish to light some candles, play some relaxing music or dim the lights. Whatever it is that will help you unwind.

  • Ditch the Distractions- Let your family, friends or partner know this is your well-deserved time for yourself. Turn off your phone and any other devices. Many of us associate relaxing with watching television and mindlessly scrolling through social media. But these activities aren't self-care and don't provide any of the benefits of traditional self-care practices. The blue light omitted by these devices stimulates the brain and inhibits melatonin production (the sleep hormone). This makes it much more difficult to relax. Try and make your 'me time' your screen-free time.

  • Make a date with yourself- Schedule your 'me time' as if it was an important meeting or commitment.

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