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4 Ways To Switch Up Your Skincare Routine In 2021

The last year was a challenging one for all of us. The Coronavirus has affected our entire lives- even our skin. From dreaded 'mask acne' to stress-related breakouts and cancelled facials, 2020 bought us a whole host of new skin problems!

One good thing to take away from this turbulent time is we are more aware of the importance of self-care. Lockdown has given us more 'me time' than ever. Self-care is no longer regarded as an indulgence but as a necessity for well-being.

Self-care is definitely a habit to be taken into 2021. A new year provides a unique opportunity to start afresh, and that includes your skincare routine.

Here are the top skincare trends for 2021 to switch up your skincare routine:

1. Go Sustainable

Sustainability and eco-friendly products are set to be a massive trend in 2021. The way we choose to purchase and dispose of skincare is evolving. The beauty industry has been heavily influenced by the popularity of natural and non-toxic ingredients. Products with minimal ingredients are now more in demand, when previously they may have been considered less effective. Brands are beginning to phase out non-recyclable and plastic packaging. Some huge beauty companies, such as L'occitane, are now offering re-fillable solutions. This ensures both the contents and packaging are disposed of in a sustainable manner.

2. At-Home Beauty Tools

It doesn't look like we are making it to a salon anytime soon! Upgrade your skincare tools to bring the salon experience into your home. Technology has advanced at an incredible rate over the past few years. The mediocre beauty tools that would sit gathering dust in our bathroom cabinets are a thing of the past! There was an increase in sales of skincare tools and devices in 2020, and this is predicted to rise further in 2021. Popular tools you may wish to try out include jade rollers, LED masks and facial toning devices.

3. Try Probiotic Ingredients

Ingestible probiotics have been around for a while. This trend is expected to expand into skincare for 2021. Skincare that focuses on the skin's microbiome is said to be 'the wave of the future'. Probiotic-infused skincare adds bacteria to the skin and helps maintain the skin's natural balance. Probiotic skincare is considered to have a calming effect on skin which is sensitive, acne-prone or if you exposed to high levels of pollution. If you want to try probiotic skincare for yourself, Vichy and Elizabeth Arden offer a selection of products, including serums, masks and moisturisers.

4. Skincare as Self-Care

This year we have spent more time than ever on our self-care rituals. In reaction to this, more skincare products have emerged with a focus on alleviating stress, mental well-being, and self-care. There has been an increase in the use of calming scents and stress-relieving ingredients. It's a refreshing change that consumers are now demanding products which make them feel good, as well as look good. Health and Her offer great ranges that are specifically for women, which focus on improving sleep and reducing stress. You may also wish to experiment with essential oils and aromatherapy.

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